Our fees for website development will vary from project to project. Many factors come into play :

Time Required/ Functionality of site;
If your site is information focused only, does not contain a shopping cart or specialized tools, the project can be implemented quickly. The process from initial meeting, draft designs through to completed and launched site may take less than two days.Our fees are based on our best estimate of the number of days required and the people resources we need to apply.

Complexity of Design;
Design of graphics overall layout of site, logo presentation, navigation system, page colors, font styles, iconic graphics, etc. This can be a simple process or require many meetings in person and on the phone to arrive at the final design suitable to both client and target audience. Some people come to us with no logo, no business stationary, no color schemes, only brilliant ideas. Others have everything in place and it is a matter of converting their design ideas and company graphics to a functioning website.

Content Management (or site updating) tools;
Wherever possible, we will provide the ability for your organization to update the content of your site. Sometimes this can be a simple system that updates the Whats New or Calendar page of your site, tailored for that particular page. Or it may be a more comprehensive CMS system that controls most pages of a site incorporating multi-level password access systems.Alternatively, some organizations feel that they do not wish to be involved in any updating tasks and provide all material by email, fax or mail for updating by Advanced Visual Technologies. In this case an hourly rate will apply. If changes are made annually or even quarterly, this is often the most cost effective option for you.

Special programming or scripting requirements;
We have developed many specialized interactive features for our websites. We always prepare an easy to read functional specification with time and budget estimates.

Our fees are NOT based on the number of pages or number of photos. In fact we will never quote on a per page basis as this is rarely relevant to the overall time required for completing a project. The most important part of a site is good design and this can take the same amount of time whether there are three, five, ten or over a hundred pages.

We will however, on a large project perhaps set a maximum number of pages for a set fee, as there is some correlation between this and time and helps set some time budgeting for us.

We have dealt with many organizations, big and small, and appreciate that a one or two man business may not have the same online requirements as a larger organization. Within a limited budget, we can often provide a web presence that will work for you.