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There is no better way to impress your existing clients and attract more than to show off all the work you have done in the past in an impressively-designed portfolio. Remember, a well-presented portfolio can be your best advantage over your competitors.

Let Advanced Visual Technologies help you in developing a user-friendly website or mobile application that effectively displays your work. Our experience and expertise combined with our knowledge allows us to create outstanding portfolios that will awe your clients.

If you do not have the time, we can maintain your website for you. Let us know your most convenient time to discuss how you want your online gallery set up. Leave a message and we will contact you back.

Visit our portfolio to see some of the current gallery products we have developed for our clients.

E-Commerce and shopping carts

Advanced Visual Technologies offers a full range of E-Commerce Solutions to suit your budget and your business objectives. We can customize existing CMS packages or create an entirely new interface to allow you to manage your online shop efficiently and conveniently, whichever we believe is best for your business. Let us know what you want and we will provide you a FREE-of-charge quote and demonstration of some of our current clients’ shopping carts to give you an insight on how it will work for your own business. Our e-commerce websites are skillfully programmed to be user-friendly and effective at generating sales. With it, you can sell your products in multiple currencies including timed specials, and even automatic news letters to be sent to your clients including weekly specials that are delivered as scheduled.

As every business is different, our FREE consultation will allow you to explore the approach that best works with your trade. We do a careful research before letting you put any money into the project. Once we go ahead, we never stop until the desired results are achieved. Contact us today so we can discuss your ideas in confidence.

Advanced Visual Technologies is your One-stop Risk-free provider when you need to sell online.

SEO and Online Marketing

A website alone is not enough, you need to promote it and engage with your existing customers through a range of mediums. Online marketing, in its simplest form, is any promotional activity on the Internet. It’s about successfully marketing your business on the web and attract new customers a lot easier. More than 90% of people surfing the net do it using a search engine. Hence it makes a lot of sense that your site is optimized for it to show in the top search results. Online Marketing can be a powerful tool when you have the right partner to help you.

Advanced Visual Technologies is a dedicated online marketing company who can help you with all aspects of your web marketing strategy. However, we do not believe to sticking to only one way of online marketing. As the strategy can take many forms, our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Backlink-building as well as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for your websites.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of advertising available online, driving traffic directly to your website. SEO is about getting your website to the top of the search engines organically for keywords that are relevant to your business, so that your website generates a consistent stream of qualified enquiries and sales. Social Media Marketing includes Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that allow you to create a dialog and engage with your customers. If you are not sure about how to optimize your site, Contact Us now and we will help you understand better.

Online marketing is a long term process and requires regular tracking of results. However, when done right, can be a remarkable key to our customer’s success – which is why we are so passionate about remaining at the forefront of this exciting discipline. At Advanced Visual Technologies, we don’t just meet expectations; we aim to exceed them in every way. Our online marketing packages offer ongoing and accurate reports of your website’s performance. Along with that, we constantly study areas of improvement and perform updates where necessary. This part can be time-consuming and need some level of expertise. Unless you can understand the results of online marketing, have the time to analyze and implement corrective actions, we recommend leaving this to a team of experts.

Effective Online Marketing is the difference between your website making you money or not, so it’s critical to have a winning team on your side. For a live demonstration, Contact our online advisor.

iPhone Apps and iPhone web integrations

Most people look at iPhones, iPads and Androids as entertaining tools. But these eye-candies can also very well serve as powerful mediums for handling business undertakings. With these advances in mobile technology, customers have the power to research, purchase and do almost anything online from anywhere with just a few touch and clicks. Keeping your business updated with the latest technology while on the move could be a challenge. But Advanced Visual Technologies will make it possible for you with our customized iPhone applications and iPhone Web Integration techniques. Our designed methods allows your existing websites to become mobile-friendly and accessible, or if preferred, we can develop a brand new website for your business specially-designed for mobile access. This can greatly increase the efficiency of your business and improve its visibility to your target clients. You not only get to showcase your brand, products and services on mobile devices, you can easily complete a sale and process an order right from your phone. But there is more. We will also help you optimize your existing services and make them available through mobile programs as well.

We have the industry experience and knowledge needed to deliver the solution that is right for your business and to meet the general needs of the market. Contact us now for any of your iPhone app Development and iPhone Web Development needs.

There is no Online Solution that we cannot deliver. Contact us if you have any questions on the application you require. We will carefully study and understand your specifications and get back to you within one business day with a cost-effective solution that is perfect for your business.

Custom Applications

Advanced Visual Technologies aim to build websites that will make you money. Most businesses adapt CRM, MRP and several common business solutions. What many do not know is that they do not actually need all of the features included in the applications integrated to their business. They end up paying for services they do not need in the first place.

We have a team of dedicated programmers that will develop your Online Applications without the extensive number of unnecessary features of standard applications while making sure your business objectives are properly addressed. We’re focused on individualized high performance solutions that delivers results and conversions. Our extensive experience with small and medium groups across different industries allows us to better offer you what your business only require.

Having an on-time and accurate information about your industry is a must for any business. Thus, you must have a number of databases you can easily access and find the information you need. We can make your information available online through your mobile phone through a secure server link. As not all businesses have this today, it will give you an advantage over others.

Contact us now and let us help you manage your website and servers. That way, you are sure that your business maintains its online presence properly and effectively.

Corporate Identity

What’s in a name? Everything! A name captures the essence of a brand, as should the logo. Upon seeing your name and logo, the customer should understand who you and what you can provide them. It should stand out and capture their attention. And most importantly, it should reflect your business. Advanced Visual Technologies will help you create a corporate identity system, from logo designs to letterheads and business cards and everything in between.

Graphic Design

We believe how important the physical look of your website in attracting your target clients. We have a team of experienced graphic designers who can skillfully adapt your existing graphics art to your website or create an entirely fresh design. Our team can create attractive and professional designs from your website to your portfolio that your clients can easily recognize. Call now for free low resolution sample design

Website Content

Do you know that the approximate attention span of a visitor is only 3 seconds? With the very short time to capture your customer’s attention and gain their interest in your product or service, your website should have clear, concise and memorable content that informs and persuades readers to take certain action.

Quality and updated content is vital in attracting visitors and building a loyal customer base. There is considerable skill involved to writing compelling and concise content. Advanced Visual Technologies offers content creation, proofreading and copywriting services to assist you in crafting your messages to your target audience. Make sure your pages are sending the right message to your customers. Contact Us Now for your Website Content requirements.

Business Email

The difference between communicating with your clients using your personal email and your email address lies on one word: Professionalism. With a hosted email address, your clients know that you mean serious business. Another important benefit of a professional email address is that you are less likely to be caught by spam and junk mail filters. This way, you are sure to reach new potential clients who do not have you in their contact list.

Advanced Visual Technologies will provide you professional emails with customized storage space, mobile email access, popular email program compatibility with easy setup and daily backups among many other features for a reliable and solid email infrastructure for your business. Get Your Business Email Now.

Online Forms

What better way is there to gather information from online visitors faster and more effectively than a professional-looking, functional and user-friendly form ready on your Website? Whether you require Secured Order Forms, forms for Website Membership, Event Registrations, Newsletter List Building, Feedback, Surveys, Contact List Building, Invoice, Receiving Applications, Collecting Contest and Promotional Entries, and for a more customized function, we will help you collect and manage data securely and efficiently.

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