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Who We Are

Advanced Visual Technologies, AVT, is a leading, full service Internet and mobile  development company, providing exceptional internet and mobile solutions to individuals and organizations around the world. Established in 1996 by George Hill, businesses small and large have benefited from AVT’s dedication to designing innovative sites, custom iPhone and Android apps, creating eye catching content and formulating marketing and advertising strategies that are right for each client.

Our Vision

In the markets we serve, AVT will be the leading full-service Internet and mobile apps development company through our unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction and by ensuring our customers choice and use of services enhancing their personal productivity and business success.

Our Solutions

As a premium, full service services company, AVT provides a full range of Internet and mobile app based solutions. These solutions include one or more of the following products:

Brand development
iPhone and Android integration
Email Solutions
Website Hosting
Server Co-location
Managed System Administration
Website Design and Development
E-commerce Solutions
Domain Services
Web casting

Advanced Visual Technologies has successfully provided Internet solutions to many companies, specializing in E-commerce, Web site designing and Web site hosting. As an emerging mobile applications developer, we have closed the loop on complete market penetration and brand development. Our enhanced marketing solutions enable businesses to quickly and easily establish a World Wide Web presence. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible quality products and services to our customers. We have the solutions that meet your needs.

Our Team

At AVT, we understand that providing top-quality service and technical support starts with hiring top-quality people. Our commitment to customer service flows, first and foremost, from our commitment to rewarding and retaining staff.

We have assembled a fantastic group of intelligent and enthusiastic staff by encouraging them to push the envelope and continue learning.

This encouragement takes the form of advanced technical training as well as personal and professional development. We assist staff to continue learning via Magma-sponsored technical certification and formal off-site training courses. Further, promoting existing staff is a practice we take seriously at Magma.


Web and mobile  technologies are available and overwhelming in their scope. We recommend technologies based on your needs and goals for your web site. From simple Java scripts to flash animation, PhP scripts to data base programming we apply technology that won’t slow down your site, but enhance its effectiveness .

Our Customers

Every customer’s needs are different – AVT offers custom solutions to meet these needs. This simple concept has proven to create one of the most impressive referral sales responses in the industry. The vast majority of AVT’s customers have chosen to purchase solutions due to a recommendation from a friend or colleague.

Our Values

Committed to complete client satisfaction

Unparalleled in product delivery and network infrastructure

Providing solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the customer

Ensuring everyone is working together to serve the customer

Our History