Mobile App Development

Go Mobile with Advanced Visual Technologies

The commercial world is quickly adjusting and readjusting the way it conducts itself with each new technological development so why not use these incredible advancements to your advantage?
Building a Smart Phone mobile presence is crucial for your business, as mobile web usage is growing exponentially each month. As part of our total internet solutions, Advanced Visual Technologies specializes in connecting your business with the millions of Smart Phone users who are downloading mobile applications right now.

Advanced Visual Technologies boasts a highly creative and enthusiastic team of dedicated mobile application (app) developers whose user-centric design will be paramount in driving measurable results. Skilled in iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 7 Mobile programming, our developers will work with you to develop a high-quality mobile app that complements your website and engages your customers in a seamless online experience.

We will guide you in your chosen mobile strategy, discussing the choice of device and its development platform. We will also collaborate with you on which business functions should be handled in a mobile context and which ones should not. Your mobile presence can drive impulse shopping to record highs with instant purchasing gratification. Your customers could shop from their Smart Phones, members could receive interactive promotions, and you can supply geographically revelation advertising with a mobile application.

Moreover, Advanced Visual Technologies strategy and marketing team understands the successful promotion of your mobile application is instrumental to its success. As with any product, a marketing plan should be an integral part of your apps business plan and not an afterthought.

At Advanced Visual Technologies , we believe that the building blocks of successful mobile application development are:

Conceptual Design;

  • Planning
  • Market Research
  • Creative Design
  • World-class Development
  • Marketing


We produce innovate mobile applications that are designed and developed to enhance user experience, engage your customers, and build your mobile brand.